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Audio and Speakers
Audio, speakers, surround sound...etc.
Learn the basics about audio and speakers to see which is the best way to setup your home theater system for the best possible surround sound...Read more articles here...

Buying a Home Theater System
How to buy, what to look for...etc.
There is a right way and a wrong way to shop for a home theater system. What you need to know is here in these articles...Read more articles here...

Cables and Wires
Digital coaxial cable, digital audio...etc.
Compare cables and wires to see which best match your home theater system...Read more articles here...

DIY Home Theater
Installing home theaters, hdmi switch...etc.
Installing a home theater? What is a hdmi switch? How do you clean your tv screen? These diy articles are sure to help explain what what you need to know and how to do it...Read more articles here...

DVD Players
Blu-ray player, dvd player, features to look for...etc.
Learn what to look for, and how to buy a DVD player or Blu ray player...Read more articles here...

hdtv, 720p vs 1080i, video...etc.
Do you know what hdtv stands for? Learn how hdtv works. This collection of articles will answer your questions concerning hdtv...Read more articles here...

Home Theater Accessories
remote control, accessories...etc.
What kind of accessories do you need for your home theater? Read on and find out more....Read more articles here...

Home Theater Furniture
Home theater seating, ergonomic design...etc.
Did you know that the proper seating is vey important to your overall enjoyment of your home theater system. Pick the right home theater seating with these helpful articles....Read more articles here...

Home Theater Lighting
home theater lighting, ambiance...etc.
Having the right lighting for your home theater system is important for a couple of reasons. Learn how to set the ambiance and mood of your room and save money at the same time....Read more articles here...

Home Theater Projectors
home theater projectors, optics system...etc.
Is there a difference between front projection and rear projection tv? Read theses articles and find out more about home theater projectors....Read more articles here...

Home Theater Receiver
home theater receiver, what to look for...etc.
What is a home theater receiver and how does it function? Get the answer to these questions and more with these informative articles...Read more articles here...

Home Theater Systems
home theater, high definition video, surround sound...etc.
Articles on how to compare, purchase and setup a home theater system with cinema quality audio and video...Read more articles here...

Home Theater DIY Videos and Reviews

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